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  • Acres Introduction Brochure

    This 4 page brochure gives an insight into Acres,  what they do and who they do it for.  It features a capacity list as well as 3 case studies. For more creative solutions manufactured by Acres, please take a look at our 19 page brochure, or contact us for a site visit. Tel: 0844 209 006. Email:   [download]

  • RAL Colour Chart

    This RAL colour chart will give you a good indication into the different colours available. Please feel free to specify a colour with your new enquiry. [download]

  • Acres Sales Brochure (GP4)

    The 19 page Acres Sales Brochure has an outline of the service we provide, many examples of our typical custom creative solutions, a full capacity/ resource list and our contact details. [download]

  • Punching & Forming Brochure

    Why not try Acres for your punching and forming requirements? Check out our capacity list…. [download]

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